Provence.Cruises offers private personalized art, culture and architecture tours  as well as sightseeing tours, including the “must sees” of Matseille, like famous streets, buildings and parks. Individual and personal support on site.


1. European capital of culture
2. Biennale of contemporary art
3. Cultural diversity
4. Architecture
5. Urban development
6. History and histories
7. Current Projects

Discover Euroméditerranée, the largest central-city urban development program in Europe

The MuCEM – Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations

Art & Culture

1. Architecture, art and culture
2. Urban renewal and renovation
3. Urban development: Euroméditerranée
4. Architectural highlights Frac, MuCEM, Zaha Hadid
5. Historical buildings: le Corbusier, la Maison diamantée, etc.

History & Histories

1. Historic sites and monuments: Le Corbusier, la Maison Diamantée, etc.
2. Museums and cathedrals
3. Forts and fortresses

Pastis & Wine

1. Visiting a distillery
2. Sightsee of shops and stores
3.Tastings in bars and hotels

Shopping & More

1. Provencal specialities and products
2. Accessories, gifts, soaps, lavendel,
3. Classy or elegant fashion
4. Unconventional and creative stores
5. Markets and festivities
6. Shopping centres, shopping malls and boutiques



Sweets & Soaps

1. Exclusive and joyful tours about chocolate
2. Visit a soap manufacturer or soap factory
3. Discover Santons and Christmas figures

Bars & Nightlife

1. Concerts, Live music, spectacles
2. Theatre or cinema
3. Boat tours or bus events
4. Discotheques and clubs
5. Trendy bistros, bars or hotels Boat Trips & Mini–Cruises & Segway

1. Passages to the islands
2. Mini-cruises to the Calanques or Cassis
3. Sailing boats with skippers
4. Catamaran adventure
5. Sightseeing tours by Segway

Nature & Technology

1. Visit of research reactor ITER


City Walks and Excursions

Excursions, guided walking tours, special event, and cultural accompaniment for German-, English- and French-speaking private and business travellers in Marseille and the Provence.

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