Explore Marseilles’s sights and historic sites – live the Provençal way of living and the magic of the light

Marseilles, the second largest and oldest city of France fascinated with her quite own charm and character. She is a modern trade centre, architectural experience, Mediterranean metropolis and romantic nature paradise in one. Twined by hills and mountains the sea sparkles in shimmering shades of dark and azure blue.

Curt island formations, like the famous If islands or the rocky sea bays of the Calanques, seeming to throw the white rock slopes into the ocean, making Marseilles to a spectacular experience. Hidden caves, beaches invite you to sunbath and swim or to drink a little cup of coffee at the shoreline. Beside there are parks and gardens, which impress with their natural beauty

Marseilles as Capital of Culture 2013 showed a lively art and cultural scene. Since then she is a magnet for art and culture enthusiasts as well for architecture experts and urban development planners. New buildings and historical sights unite in an impressive way to an ensemble from history and modern age.

In addition to Rudy Ricciottis Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, Norman Foster’s giant mirrored canopy, rests on slim columns, reflects the 2,600 years old Old Port and opening the view to the imperial-decorated Neo-Byzantine basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, which outshines Marseilles as emblematic of the city.

Pastis, with its different fragrances and flavours, with its seductive notes of anise and licorice is the lifeblood the South of France. Mysterious ingredients which you can discover during tastings. Distilleries, cafés, hotels and shops offer the possibility of tasting the different anise spirits or to take them home as a small gift or souvenir.

You can´t discover only the charm of the lively metropolis but the extensive art and land developed and cultivated by man, sights and historical buildings, architectural highlights, under the radiant sun of the Provence in the company of Provence.Cruises as well, Provençal pleasures and much more. In addition, individual and tours of several days are possible.

Provence.Cruises invites you to join us on a journey of discovery through Marseille and the spectacular Provence.


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