The construction of the replica of the Cosquer cave in Marseille will begin

The president of the Paca region, Renaud Muselier, officially handed over the keys to the Mediterranean villa to Kléber Rossillon, for the start of the construction of the reproduction of the Cosquer cave.

A delivery of symbolic keys, and technical advances. The president of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, Renaud Muselier, handed over the keys to the Mediterranean villa in Marseille to Kléber Rossillon, founder of the company specialized in the management of cultural and tourist sites. He notably produced the replica of the Chauvet cave. The region has entrusted him with this J4 building, long empty, in order to make a duplicate of the Cosquer cave, an underwater cave located near Cape Morgiou in Marseille. Discovered in 1991 by Henri Cosquer, it seems doomed to disappear with rising waters which can sometimes reach “up to 80 centimeters”.

A new advance in this project launched in 2016 by the region to find a use for the Mediterranean villa, an “empty shell” which cost the community 800,000 euros each year. A double satisfaction for Renaud Muselier, with “an exceptional cultural center between the MuCEM, the Regards de Provence Museum and now the replica of the Cosquer cave”.

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The works will start at the start of the 2020 academic year, and will be spread over two years for an opening scheduled for June 2022. “The replica of the cave will span 1,800 m² in the basement of the Villa Méditerranée, a museum representing the different animals appearing in the cave and an exhibition on the climatic evolution of the region will complete the whole, ”explained Kléber Rossillon. Source:

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